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I have been drinking Matcha Elixir every morning for almost a year now. For me, it works wonders. I honestly do not start my day without it and almost have a panic attack when I run out.

I used to get constant bloating and have really struggled with my energy during the day – Matcha Elixir has helped with both, which I love. I’ve also been able to really step up my training and have managed to lose those extra kgs. Skinny Green Co’s Matcha Elixir has become a permanent staple in my everyday diet.

- Charlotte Southward, Byron Bay 


Hi, I’m Joel Bradford. I’m a strength and conditioning coach on the Gold Coast. I’m a big fan of Matcha Elixir because of the natural ingredients and the energy factor.

I use Matcha Elixir to help get me going in the mornings or if I feel like I need an energy boost in the arvo’s.

For me this product ticks all the boxes. It’s healthy, it’s natural and it gets the job done.

- Joel Bradford, Gold Coast  


I have been drinking Matcha Elixir now for over a year. I don’t know how I would get through my workouts without it! Plus after drinking Matcha Elixir I feel more energised for the whole day, as opposed to crashing like I do when I take other pre-workouts.

I also really like that it’s made using organic Matcha, I absolutely love Matcha but the bitter taste is a little hard to take. So this is the perfect alternative, it’s sweet but not too sweet and the natural flavour goes really well with the Matcha taste. I honestly can’t get enough!

- Ellie Borenstein, Suffolk Park